Positive Things to Say to Your Child

Say This Instead
When I was young, I hated school rules too, but I had to follow and respect them. The school is useless; they are unnecessarily harassing you.
Let’s learn to play an outdoor game together. It would be real fun playing it with you. I am impressed that you know how to use a mobile phone much better than me.
Sit down, let’s discuss and figure your skating coaching which you have been longing to start for so long. I don’t like you doing skating. Swimming is great, look at your classmate who recently won the district level championship.
Let’s go step by step and let me help you achieve your goals. You leave everything mid way, wasting money and energy. I don’t think you ever want to do something.
Your grades have improved. Let’s celebrate your hard work by having an ice cream together. Your grades have improved just by 10 marks. I don’t understand what you do all day having that book in your hand.
It was really good to see you trying to strike a conversation with our neighbor. Next time you can try to allow her to talk too. You didn’t have to tell her this…, talk that…What were you trying to do? Don’t you know how to talk something sensible?
You have been asking me for a mobile phone for so long. You can use mine whenever needed. How about buying a TT table instead? Remember how much we enjoyed playing it together last holiday at the resort. Okay. I promise to buy you a mobile if you score above 90% in your next exams. Don’t come asking to me again unless you score higher grades.
Let’s figure out the positive and negative together. And then I leave it up to you to make a decision. I don’t want you to do this. Bear in mind, if I come to know that you have done it. You will see the worse of me.
I have had a rough day at work and I am very tired. Can you please help me in the kitchen? Don’t irritate me now. Let’s talk later when I am free.
I know you are pissed about something. Come here, let’s talk about it and I will listen to you only if you talk politely and respectfully just like me. Don’t you dare talk to me like that? Learn to talk to your elders respectfully.

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