7 different things that your child can do this summer vacation.

With the holidays approaching, parents are often concerned about choosing the right kind of activities to help them keep their children entertained. They are usually worried that their children might be glued to TV or computers all day. So, here is a list of 7 things that will keep them active and entertained and also improve their set of skills.

Learn Mural Painting – Allow your children to get immersed in one of the finest form of creativity i.e. painting and arts. Kumaran’s creation is one of the most creative and talented painting studio in Madurai offering classes on other forms of paintings such as Tanjore Painting, wood carving, oil painting and various other arts and crafts. They conduct summer classes every year for kids of all age groups.

You can reach them at-http://www.facebook.com/Kumarans-Creations-755307251219846/

Play Badminton – It is not mandatory to play a sport only if you are considering to make it as your career. You can play for fun and joy and to stay physically fit. Madurai is now slowly coming up with options for Indoor badminton courts which is also a great place to play and make new friends.

Details: http://www.kmpbadmintonclub.com/, http://www.facebook.com/GlobalBadmintonAcademy/ and https://www.facebook.com/templecity.badmintonclub/

Travel – You can plan a short backpack trip or go on a trek tour with your children. Travelling on budget will help your child become more adaptable, social, teaches them the ways of the world, it also brings them closer to nature and most importantly it provides best bonding experience as a family. Tent and Trek is an awesome outdoor adventure company and they organize various camping and trekking trips as well.


Learn a new form of dance – You could send your kids to learn a modern form of dance to add a new set of skills. Dance will help your kids to develop physical fitness, appreciation of the body and effective stress management. Madurai now boasts of various dance schools offering classes on different dance forms, be it salsa, hip-hop, jazz, bollywood, robotic, broadway or semi classical. I learnt dance for my wedding through http://www.youforiadanscool.in/ and they were really helpful and patient. Even www.ldadanceschool.in/ have great reviews and experiences to share.

Work Part-Time – Making your kids work-part time during vacations is still not accepted as a culture in India. But recently the trend is changing. I know few couples in Madurai who sent their children off to work to give them a sense of freedom, independence and also teach them the value of money and savings. Children usually enjoy when they are given a chance to share responsibilities and they feel proud to display their talents and skills and make their parents proud. If you are concerned about losing your status or what people might talk about it, you can any day send your children to work with your relatives. This way they get a chance to bond with others and work as well.

Volunteer – If you still think there is no scope or opportunity to send your children to work part time. You can ask them to volunteer for something that interests them.

Ways your kids can volunteer:

  • Spend time with other kids at orphanage by playing games, telling stories or by sharing food.
  • Join hands with Maram Madurai to contribute to their goal of making Madurai a more greener and healthier city.
  • Visit elderly people at old age home or hospitals and spend time talking to them, reading out spiritual stories or news, playing board games or just listen to them because they barely have anyone to talk to.
  • Make something at home like, paintings, chocolates, sandwiches and you can sell them in front of your garage. Your neighbors will really appreciate your efforts and you can share the proceeds to some charity.
Redesign their room – You could offer to help your children redesign their room or living space. Your kids can prepare their own crafts like wall paintings, paper lamps, pen stands, quote art, etc. This would rejuvenate their creativity and make them feel more comfortable about their space.
I sincerely wish and hope that your children make the most out of their vacations by having fun, develop skills, stay outdoors and learn life lessons along the way.


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