How Schools Are Killing Creativity

The boy raised his hand and asked the teacher, “Mam, while studying Geography, I often have this doubt that who created planet earth?”

The teacher glared at the child and scolded the child saying, “Concentrate on what I am teaching now. Keep such silly doubts at home and don’t distract the class.”

The whole class was now looking at the boy. He had asked a question out of his curiosity but now he was standing with embarrassment and anger as his teacher had just successfully crushed his curiosity and confidence.

The methodologies in schools today are so focused on grades that they miss out on encouraging the creative side of their personality.

We memorize and study for all the tests and exams and only to find 10 years later that we have forgotten it all.

What’s more important is for someone to teach us how to face failures in life, how to graciously accept success, how to communicate better with our family and friends and how to pursue our passion.

In reality, believing that education is the only pathway to success has resulted in schools becoming factories and children come out with limiting beliefs and power in themselves because education is assured that they have perfectly and properly wired their minds.

The true purpose of education is to kindle the creativity of a child, fuel their curiosity and make them a well rounded person. But the true purpose seems to be taking a back seat because both the parent and the school believe that a good college, high grades and a job in a corporate company is all that their children need to stay and live happy.

But when they grow big they do not possess any tailor made answers to the real life problems like how they did for their test papers.

As Dalile shares her brutally honest opinion that, “During our insane worship to win the race, during our mad love to become number one, we forget that our schools are raising children that are racing to nowhere.”


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Hi! I'm Rishi Jain, and I write about building a rewarding family life through mindful parenting, hands-on learning and creative family activities.

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