Random Thoughts

I Believe I Can Do It.

Every time on being asked, “what’s the most memorable moment of your life?”

I reply with sparkling eyes, “My 4th grade Annual Day Function when I won 13 prizes in a year in Drawing, Crafts, Skating and Athletics.”

When I was young, I believed in myself more than the opinions of my friends and family.

While skating, I believed I could fly on those wheels – touch my dreams. It gave me a sense of freedom. Freedom of pace.

Whilst skating I would start quick to stay ahead of my other friends. Be in the competition, lead the rounds, come first and after staying first for few rounds, I would start slowing down.

Slowing down to enjoy, to feel the wheels rolling, to gently swing my arms high, to love the sweat dripping down my face and most importantly to feel the fresh air on my face.

I enjoyed crafts too as much as I enjoyed skating. My sister and I would keep making something out of scrap when ever we were idle. I still remember my first craft – making a pen stand out of a metal box and decorating the outside with match sticks and painting it with a nice dark red color with black stripes. The second one was an art made up of pistachio covers.

The more I spent time doing stuffs that I enjoyed, the more confident I was about myself and my life. Though I’m no big artist or a personality today but every time when I get some creative ideas or do stuffs creatively, I feel a sense of freedom and power. 

The sense of freedom and power is usually very short-lived but just experiencing it for seconds is also a great motivation for me to believe in myself. It slightly helps to overcome the fear that is often injected by school, family and relatives.

I wish, pray and hope that parents and peers, support children with what they love to do, guide them when they need advice and help and encourage them with every opportunity that comes their way. 

I believe that the society today needs less of money making machines and more of beautiful souls that are filled with curiosity and creativity. 

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