There is no such thing called ‘Perfect Relationship’

Someone shared, “Last evening when I got back from work, it started to rain and I sat near the window all evening, finishing my blog and sipping a nice strong coffee along side. The evening was just perfect.

I replied, “That’s awesome. Such experiences of right momentum where our mind, body and soul are all aligned in working together is so rare.

But, have you thought what if it rains every day, would then all your evenings after work still be perfect?”

He contemplated for a while and morosely replied, “No, if it’s once a while, then it would be beautiful but definitely not everyday. It would spoil my other plans in the evening. I wouldn’t be able to step out of the house either.”

That’s exactly how relationships work. There is no such thing as ‘the perfect relationship’ or ‘the perfect partner’ like the perfect evening. The person whom you started to love was the perfect/ideal partner but over time the imperfections or differences are more evident than the good in the other person.

It’s all about enjoying moments when you are either sailing on the boat or sitting by the shore.

The charm, the spark, the love, they all will slowly start to wither unless you start to believe that, ‘Nobody is perfect. Nobody is correct. In the end affection is always greater than perfection’.

It’s important to step into a relationship and commit to it with an understanding that not all days are going to be calm, at times there could be differences creating havoc like a storm.

And what’s important is to figure out how to sail or get through the storm without the relationship getting affected by it.

Most often couples hold on to the bitter experiences more strongly than the beautiful ones. And the image of the ‘perfect partner’ starts to fade replacing feelings of doubt, despair and regret.

If you dream of being in a relationship where there is unconditional love, gratitude, acceptance, care and support.

Then stop dreaming and start giving your relationship the same love, gratitude, acceptance, care and support.

Just similar to the old saying that, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, likewise a strong relationship cannot be built just by the memories of the past beautiful courtship period.

Constant effort of both acceptance and forgiveness needs to be practiced to build a great relationship over time. This will of course take effort and time, but in the end the love you share will be a worthy prize.




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