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Should I Talk or Should I Not?

Why I wanted to join Toastmasters International?

When we want to learn something new, the first step that we usually take is to find the best coaching institute or find a mentor who will guide and support us to get closer to our dreams and aspirations.

One such aspiration of mine surfaced a little late in life. But it’s never too late to start anything, right?

So, after working 12 years in the family retail business, I still wasn’t feeling content. All the work that I was doing was making me more successful financially but in a deeper sense, it created more vacuum in my heart.

And surprisingly I realized that teaching as a profession fascinated me. But what’s different in my case was I wasn’t interested to teach children, there are already many people doing it.

Parents, teachers, relatives, maids, and guardians everyone of them are wanting to teach children something or the other every day. And the intention of teaching is carried out in various actions like correcting them, advising them, scolding them or punishing them.

What I want to do is – “I want to teach parents, in a subtler sense – I want to coach them in raising kids who will grow into confident and responsible adults”.

Parents always have greater love and purest intention for their loving children.

But how they choose to respond and react with their purest intentions when there are differences between both is a major challenge.

And with the idea to bridge the gap and create a strong bond between the parent and the child, I started my new venture ParentingbyRishi where the aim is to work as a coach in creating connection rather than seeking perfection in relationships.

And in order to be a successful coach/speaker, I realized that I will need a set of speaking skills to deliver my content in a manner that it does not only reach the audience but strongly connects with them and heals them.

As I have mentioned in the start that we look for institutes or mentors who can help and support us with our passion, thus my search to become a powerful parent coach landed me at Toastmasters International, Madurai club.

My experience after joining the club.

I have been visiting the club for almost two months now. One of the things that I really love at the club is that everyone there is raw. By raw, I mean everyone is original.

If there are flaws, they don’t pretend. If there is a fear they don’t hide. If they are creative they showcase. If they are confident they inspire.

Such originality, I believe comes from self-acceptance. And from self-acceptance comes learning.

At the club, everyone displays a strong attitude of learning by gracefully accepting to improve with the help, support, and feedback of other members in the club.

Before joining Toastmasters, I always believed that great speakers are born with required skills and it’s a talent that only a few could possess. 

But having joined Toastmasters, I now find that my belief was merely a myth. And that any skill takes time to develop and public speaking is no different.

And to improve the skill, I realized that I will have to crush my fear by confronting it head-on. And I decided to seize any opportunity that comes my way to crush the mighty fear little by little.

One such opportunity was the first day of my attendance at the club. As a guest, I could only participate in the Table Topics (TT) session which is nothing but giving an impromptu speech for 1-2 minutes.

As they started the TT session and were inviting volunteers to participate, I raised my hand and stood up with trembling legs and butterflies in my stomach. I was the first to go. 

What was important for me was to start. The first thought that raced through my mind was, “I’m going to make a joker out myself in front of these people.”

The thought was silenced by the immediate next thought, “I think it’s going to be ok. If I’m going to fall, people here are going to help me. I trust them”

Just like my belief in my latter thought, I have found that all members at the Madurai Toastmasters Club are very encouraging with their strong evaluations and feedback, friendly with every guest and member, respectful and attentive during delivery of speeches and constantly motivating all members and guests to improve their game of speaking.

And with all the support and help from the club, I am happy and excited to kickstart my learning at Toastmasters International, Madurai Club to become an effective Parent Coach.

A quote to motivate.

“The worst speech you’ll ever give, will be far better than the one that you never give.” – Fred Miller




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