Eating More From The Earth

In February 2017 whilst backpacking in Thailand is when we (I and my wife, Deepika) met this wonderful and inspiring couple who are raw vegans for over 15 years.

We were staying in a hostel and for two consecutive days while having breakfast, we observed this couple eating one full watermelon each.

They had cut the watermelon in two halves and were scooping it with a spoon. On, the second day, I couldn’t resist myself and so we walked over to them and politely asked, “what’s up with the watermelons? We have been watching you eat only this for your breakfast.”

And hence started a conversation for more than an hour listening to stories of healing, the impact of cooked food, life without medicines, the body has the power to heal itself…

We were completely immersed in the conversation and when it ended, we were pumped, inspired and overwhelmed with lots of new information which made complete sense to both of us.

But the habit of eating healthy has never been an easy road. Disciplining the tongue is a challenging task as it can be easily tempted by the two strong senses of our body – taste and smell. 

We returned back home and slowly started to eat more raw food but it lasted for a shorter duration like the shelf life of a banana.

Our two strong senses (taste & smell) were hell-bent in distracting us from the new goal and we eventually surrendered to the temptations and cravings. But the conversation, it’s meaning, the impact, the transformation, all these were still lingering in our minds and at times we would take some conscious effort to choose what we eat but we were failing to build it as a healthy habit in our daily lifestyle.

Deepika would still choose healthier options while eating and I sucked bad time in changing my habit until recently four months back (March 2019) we had our first baby. And I decided to change my eating lifestyle understanding that we as parents are the bigger role models for our children.

Since 6th June 2019, it’s been over two months now that I have been eating only raw fruits and vegetables for my breakfast and now I have started to realize that I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body.

The journey so far is great. And most importantly it’s the way I feel while eating a fruit or a vegetable. Raw food is far more satisfying and satiating than eating junk or cooked food. I can sense the feeling while I place the food on my tongue and raw food always feel more relaxing and soothing for my body. 

If you want to understand what I’m trying to share above, you can feel it for yourself by being mindful and present of how you feel and the way your body reacts immediately after you consume your favorite fruit and while eating your favorite junk.

So to take my journey one step closer and to experience and understand what transformations and beautiful changes will take place, I have decided to completely move from cooked to uncooked and from mother’s prepared dishes to mother nature’s variety of choices. 

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