Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I’m Rishi Jain, practitioner of Vipassana meditation, I enjoy applying elements of NLP during workshops and coaching, and also the founder of Childhoodmatters.in.

My love to work for children started as early as when I was 16 years old. I was in the 10th grade when I regularly failed in the Chemistry subject. Every time my chemistry teacher, Mrs.Geetha (name changed) would embarrass me in front of the class while distributing the mark sheets at the end of the semester. “If you study like this, you will fail the board exam. And then life is going to become harder for you”.

But then, during the last term, a new chemistry teacher, Ms. Sharmila (name changed) was appointed. Luckily, the last one was going on a maternity leave. Ms. Sharmila was patient. She had a low voice and was always dressed with a gentle smile. If she ever found a student disturbing her class, she would politely request the class to remain silent. If you ever had to ask my classmates, who was their favourite teacher, many of them would instantaneously say – Ms. Sharmila.

She was a teacher who knew ‘how to bring out the best in a child’ and surprisingly in the final exams I scored 78% which was an accomplishment like never before. Now that’s the power that a care-taker/parent/teacher has over a child – to influence and empower children to bring out the best in them.

It wasn’t about how much I scored, the crux of the story lies in learning and, ‘how did the new chemistry teacher make a difference in the child’s life – to learn how she did what she did

And in my interactive workshops and one-on-one coaching, I support parents to unleash the skills their children possess and coach them to prepare their child for the road and not the road for their child.