30 Memories As I Turn 30.

I woke up to my wife’s beautiful smile on my birthday. But I didn’t greet her with the same big, warm smile. Stepping into the 30’s club all of a sudden seemed so awkward. I knew the numbers would keep increasing as the years would pass, but the one thing that’s quick to advise butContinue reading “30 Memories As I Turn 30.”

Eating More From The Earth

In February 2017 whilst backpacking in Thailand is when we (I and my wife, Deepika) met this wonderful and inspiring couple who are raw vegans for over 15 years. We were staying in a hostel and for two consecutive days while having breakfast, we observed this couple eating one full watermelon each. They had cutContinue reading “Eating More From The Earth”

Isn’t My Son Just Like Me?

We were all standing, anxiously waiting for almost five hours to hear the good news. Restlessly walking up and down the corridor of the hospital, at times pressing our ears to the doors of the labor room, expecting to hear the cry of the little angel. And after five hours of impatience at 2:14 a.m,Continue reading “Isn’t My Son Just Like Me?”

Only Those Who Have Lost Can Tell – Thoughts at a Funeral

I am not sure if God decides the birth and death of a person. And there is no proof so as to prove who decides the fate of a being. But every time when someone passes away, God is accused, criticized and questioned. And it’s OK to ask answers from the one whom you trustContinue reading “Only Those Who Have Lost Can Tell – Thoughts at a Funeral”

The Much Needed Breakdown – Crying.

I never realized crying could heal someone until l found myself crying silently. With every tear and between little sobs, I experienced unknown pain and hollowness escaping from my body. Just moments before I broke down, I was all happy, relaxed and just going through with the session. The session was during the NLP trainingContinue reading “The Much Needed Breakdown – Crying.”