Are We Obsessed With Perfecting Our Child By Teaching Them What We Want Them To Learn?

Ting…Ting…Ting…My son kept hitting the mallet stick on the xylophone bars. He obviously didn’t know to play it, but the sound of it got him excited. As a father, I want him to have fun and enjoy but as a parent, I start to look at perfection. So, I did a bit of hand-holding andContinue reading “Are We Obsessed With Perfecting Our Child By Teaching Them What We Want Them To Learn?”

A Parenting Perspective -Tired of Yelling, Nagging, Advising, Repeating?

How often do parents use a combination of scolding, advising, threatening, criticising, lecturing and even go the extent of thrashing their child, hoping and believing that this is one of the best methods to give children a piece of their mind. I was young, probably in my 4th grade. My mum was working at aContinue reading “A Parenting Perspective -Tired of Yelling, Nagging, Advising, Repeating?”

Why Mindful Parenting Works?

The Cambridge dictionary explains the meaning of mindful as – deliberately aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment in order to create a feeling of calm. The word mindful has recently been more in practice in a spiritual context and most importantly it’s widely used in therapeutic mental and physical well-being. But does itContinue reading “Why Mindful Parenting Works?”

The Story About The Eagle In Childhood Matters Logo

Everyone around us is making a sincere effort to make this world a better place for the upcoming generations to live. Organizing peace campaign, green campaign, equality campaign, health campaign and any other campaign that you can think of to create awareness for a better society and an environment. Statistics, on the other hand, doesContinue reading “The Story About The Eagle In Childhood Matters Logo”

5 TedTalks That Will Help You Raise Successful Kids

“Why do I listen to TedTalks, especially on the subject of parenting?”, my wife asks me with curiosity. And I say, “most of the speakers out there have experienced different things or have done things differently and their stories, research data, views, findings of their experiments, opinions, and thoughts, they are highly informative and inspiring.”Continue reading “5 TedTalks That Will Help You Raise Successful Kids”

Building Stronger Ties With My Son

There is a famous saying, “you can learn many things from children. How much patience you have for instance” – Franklin P. Jones. Little infants are cute when their gleaming big eyes are staring into ours. They are cuter when they giggle and laugh even at the silliest of things like looking at a poster orContinue reading “Building Stronger Ties With My Son”