Eating More From The Earth

In February 2017 whilst backpacking in Thailand is when we (I and my wife, Deepika) met this wonderful and inspiring couple who are raw vegans for over 15 years. We were staying in a hostel and for two consecutive days while having breakfast, we observed this couple eating one full watermelon each. They had cutContinue reading “Eating More From The Earth”

Cheers Son! – Too early is it?

YOU ARE MY I LOVE YOU I am your parent, you are my child, I am your quiet place, you are my wild. I am your calm face, you are my giggle. I am your wait, you are my wiggle, I am your finish line, you are my race. I am your praying hands, youContinue reading “Cheers Son! – Too early is it?”

Isn’t My Son Just Like Me?

We were all standing, anxiously waiting for almost five hours to hear the good news. Restlessly walking up and down the corridor of the hospital, at times pressing our ears to the doors of the labor room, expecting to hear the cry of the little angel. And after five hours of impatience at 2:14 a.m,Continue reading “Isn’t My Son Just Like Me?”

Parenting – The New School Grandfather

Once a small chubby baby had now grown into a sweet little three-year-old girl, Dia. As she grew there was this one thing that she couldn’t let go of, a habit that’s a nightmare for many early parents. Dia wasn’t ready to let go of her feeding bottle and start using glasses instead. Her parentsContinue reading “Parenting – The New School Grandfather”

You Are Beautiful. Please Don’t Say It To Anyone

Veera was a chirpy talkative girl. And she would often talk alone, answering her own questions about life, relationships, rituals, and her strong affinity with nature. She would talk to strangers on the bus, sharing her dream of living on a top of a mountain in a small mud house. Her friend was once surprisedContinue reading “You Are Beautiful. Please Don’t Say It To Anyone”

Beware – You Are Being Watched By Your Children

If you want your children to grow into responsible beings and live life happily. A simple practice would take you closer to the values that you want to see in them. And the below two different situations are strong anecdotes of today’s stressful living where connections between the parent and the child are fragile andContinue reading “Beware – You Are Being Watched By Your Children”