One-to-One Coaching

Parenting workshops are great, and sometimes you need more personalized advice. Or, you may have a parenting issue you don’t feel comfortable discussing in a group.

Through private coaching sessions, I can help you become a more perceptive parent, navigate your challenges, and achieve a stronger connection with your child.

In my sessions, I use my knowledge of and experience with For the Road Parenting Method, as well as current research on child development and parent-child relationships.

Something else I bring to the table: objectivity. Often, what parents need more than anything is a neutral sounding board.

Let’s talk!


We’ll start with a free 40-minute phone consultation to identify your current challenges and get to know one another. From there, we’ll schedule a cycle of four calls (3 calls with parent and 1 call with the child) and if the child is younger (less than 6 years), then all the four phone or video coaching session will be with parents. A written summary and my recommendations will follow.

While every family and relationship is different, a minimum of two coaching sessions is often recommended. Between sessions, I am available via email/Whatsapp for questions, concerns, or clarification. 

“Rishi easily grasps the core issue and his advice is

illuminating and comforting.

I’m always impressed by how knowledgeable and supportive he is”.