A Parenting Perspective -Tired of Yelling, Nagging, Advising, Repeating?

How often do parents use a combination of scolding, advising, threatening, criticising, lecturing and even go the extent of thrashing their child, hoping and believing that this is one of the best methods to give children a piece of their mind. I was young, probably in my 4th grade. My mum was working at aContinue reading “A Parenting Perspective -Tired of Yelling, Nagging, Advising, Repeating?”

Questions to Ask your Child After School.

I remember every time my parents asked me how my day was at school. I would just say, “Yeah, it was okay”. “It was good”. I would just give them a very short reply to get through with the questions because I felt they were just asking for the sake of showing interest. Whereas nowContinue reading “Questions to Ask your Child After School.”