The Parent Pleasing Child: What Every Parent Needs to Know

In my 9th grade, after returning from school, I sat down to finish my homework and assignments. Even after 18 years, I still remember every detail of my experience and emotion of that evening.  Sitting during the last period of the day, I had already decided in the class that I’ll go home, finish allContinue reading “The Parent Pleasing Child: What Every Parent Needs to Know”

Dear Parents – Think before you say NO

“No, don’t play with the drums. Learn to behave when you are out”. “Mum can I go to play”? – No, not now. “No, you can’t go out on your own”. Parents often say NO instantaneously without taking a moment to give their child’s request a thought. The habit of saying NO is so powerfulContinue reading “Dear Parents – Think before you say NO”

3 Parenting Mistakes that Everyone Makes.

I believe that parenting is a beautiful task and if done right, the results are much more beautiful. It is always mesmerizing to see how a seed when nurtured and nourished rightly, grows into a beautiful flower. Similarly if parents invest their valuable time with their children and nurture them with values and right teachings,Continue reading “3 Parenting Mistakes that Everyone Makes.”