Welcome, Friend !

I’m Rishi

I help fellow parents like you increase your confidence so you can make conscious choices that feel right for your family while strengthening you & your child’s connection.

Our coaching guides you in making confident decisions so you can parent without the judgmental noise of society and deepen your family’s lifelong connection.

Parenting Inspired From The Eagle

“During our insane worship to win the race, during our mad love to become number one, we forget that our society today are raising children that are racing to nowhere.”


So how can we raise children today in a manner where we support and nurture them to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and socially strong?

I found the answer in the Eagle, whose parenting techniques are full of bravery and selfless love. So what is the Eagle doing so differently? Read More here.

Taking The Journey Together

Come & See – The Eggs Are Hatching.

Don’t take the literal meaning of it – The Eggs Are Hatching. It represents the idea of coming together to watch the egg hatch (workshops), the excitement to discover what happens next (learning & unlearning), to be observant and patient in watching it (skills) and to remain curious of it’s growth.

In this workshop, you’ll gain the knowledge and courage you need to embrace an authentic, respectful and empathetic approach to parenting.

What’s unique about the workshop is that it’s not just about imparting tools and techniques or a one way drive. I enjoy and prefer to keep the learning practical and individual focused which means small groups with more interaction.

One Egg At A Time

In one-one coaching, I promise, you will unearth your own unique natural parenting skills to connect more deeply with your child. Thereby resolving issues and conflicts along the journey.


Thoughts On Parenting

Childhood Matters is not about Parenting “advice”

It’s about learning to connect in the truest form with our children and as you realize it, that’s all parenting is all about. Here at Childhood Matters, it’s not about a set of to-do’s, strategies or checklists to follow because every parenting journey is unique and one size cannot fit all.

And once we realize and surrender ourselves to the unknown and be humble and open about our own imperfections, the change has just begun